Residential Solar

Are you ready to add value to your home and save thousands of dollars in the process? Let us find out if your Home qualifies for solar and if it does, what are the long term financial benefits of producing your own energy.


Commercial Solar

Commercial & Industrial Solar is good for PR but the true measure of value is in your environmental impact. For this reason, the IRS is offering The ITC & MACRS which are geared to help you and save you tens of thousands on the Solar System!


Utility Scale

Our Utility & Land Lease Development Teams are skill in the target and acquisition of large scale projects in need of development. If you have a site with over 100 acres we can analyze it and see if it meets the requirements. We look forward it!


Residential Solar Installation Services

The first step in any potential solar project is to review the electrical usage for the past 12 months to calculate how many kWhs are used on average over the course of a full year. The second step is to determine if the site is feasible for solar and what the options are for optimal energy production from your potential solar system.


There is a fundamental problem with the Solar Industry. We are overwhelmed with calls on a daily basis about Solar Energy Sales and or Installation Companies that are no longer in business or that have used lower quality equipment for their installations which have since failed and are out of warranty. 


All of these Solar (PV) Energy facility generators are left with a huge problem. When a Solar (PV) Energy System has been abandoned, it becomes a great risk to those on the property as well as the grid that system is connected to and every operating lineman.


Sunpower equinox

Built by SunPower and back by the industry’s only complete system warranty. No bulky inverters attached to your home.


sunpower difference

The most efficient solar panels on the market thus providing more savings and fewer panels on your roof.


built-in Micro-inverters

With built-in micro-inverters hidden behind each panel, you know longer have to worry about bulky equipment.


web/app monitoring

SunPower Energy link keeps us all in the loop on your systems performance, energy output and health.


25-year warranty

The most comprehensive complete-system warranty in the solar industry. (Internet required)

40-year leak free guarantee

Garvin metal roof integrated roof replacement. (Only on select roofing products)

Revolutionary cell technology

The best Solar Cell Tech currently on the market

industry leading REFERRAL program

We us a referral program called Gboarding. The rewards never end!

Commercial Solar Installation Services

We are fighting to combat many of these issues by not only installing SunPower Products on all of our projects but performing upgrades on abandoned systems so that they are eligible for our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services. This allows us to implement 24/7 monitoring capabilities to existing systems that qualify add your system to our database for onsite routine checks.

We didn’t stop there. We also partnered with Garvin Metal Roofs (NEPA) in order to deliver a brand new roof that is guaranteed for 40 years. Garvin is onsite during the mounting of the SunPower Panels and Racking to as well to ensure we do not void the warranty on the roof provided. The result – 100% Leak Free

We have identified that Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are at the epicenter of the problem for the East Coast. With 24/7 monitoring as well as onsite inspections we hope to prevent catastrophic failures before they happen while enhancing energy yield, overall system performance, and renewable energy education.

maxeon technology

The SunPower Maxeon Technology is by far the best quality solar cell on the market. Maintaining the lead when it comes to performance, durability, and design.



helix roof system

The Helix™ Roof system combines
SunPower’s high-efficiency, high-performance panel technology, productized mechanical mounting, and electrical systems. PDF


helix carports

The Helix™ Carport system was designed by architects and engineers with more than 100 MW of carport installations nationwide. PDF 


web/app monitoring

EnergyLink® Pro software is an essential energy monitoring tool that helps ensure you’re meeting the financial and sustainability goals of your solar investment. PDF 




Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows the owners of a solar system to deduct 30% of the entire cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes. This ITC applies to equally to residential and commercial systems through 2019. Starting in 2020 the percentage steps down to 26 percent and then again to 22 percent in 2021. After 2021, the residential percentage will be reduced to zero while the commercial percentage will drop to a permanent 10 percent.

MACRS as a Method of Depreciation

The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), established in 1986, is a method of depreciation in which a business’ investments in certain tangible property are recovered, for tax purposes, over a specified time period through annual deductions. MACRS is the method of depreciation used for most property, though assets vary by class, which determines the depreciable life, or cost recovery period, of the property.


Class depreciation time frames vary between three and 50 years, depending on the certain type of property. Some examples of classes include television and radio broadcasting equipment, which qualify for a cost recovery period of five years and office furniture and equipment, which qualify for a cost recovery period of seven years.

Qualifying solar energy equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period of five years. For equipment on which an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) grant is claimed, the owner must reduce the project’s depreciable basis by one-half the value of the 30% ITC. This means the owner is able to deduct 85 percent of his or her tax basis.


Various other renewable energy technologies also qualify for a five-year cost recovery period, including wind energy property, geothermal, fuel cells, and combined heat and power technology.



We have a vision of a world where the Solar Panels across the world are maintained and recycled properly to ensure zero-waste goals met. Here is a link to a Solar (PV) Recycle Center Here


We are using only the best products available on the market. This is to ensure we are doing everything within our power to provide you with quality products to last a lifetime.


We are striving to educate the world on Solar Energy. With or with-out IRS tax credits, solar remains to be the best investment to add to your portfolio. We are here to break down the finacial matrix that supports it!



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SREC Markets – Solar Renewable Energy Credits

In SREC state markets, the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires electricity suppliers to secure a portion of their electricity from solar generators. The SREC program provides a means for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) to be created for every megawatt-hour of solar electricity created.

The SREC is sold separately from the electricity and represents the “solar” aspect of the electricity that was produced. The value of an SREC is determined by the market subject to supply and demand constraints. SRECs can be sold to electricity suppliers needing to meet their solar RPS requirement. The market is typically capped by a fine or solar alternative compliance payment (SACP) paid by any electricity suppliers for every SREC they fall short of the requirement.

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